Cart Crash at the Crossroads, Tavern Brawl for the week of August 14th, 2019. To enter the Brawl the player first chooses a class. Following the mulligan, the player then chooses from one of three random "second classes", resulting in a deck with 30 cards combining your 2 Classes and neutrals. This is the 6th time we’ve had this Brawl. The reward is a Classic pack. Please share your thoughts on the Brawl below. 😊 #hearthstone #tavernbrawl #vgpics #blizzardentertainment #tcg #ccg #gaming #videogame #instagood #instagaming I have a #patreon . If you find value in my content please consider checking it out, link in profile💙 Thanks to my top level Patrons @datflipboy @oliver_kjaerulff @pockymoonsta @grimfeast_games